Firm Update – COVID-19

Pacific Northwest Cross Border Law remains fully operational. I have access to files, and the continued capacity to correspond by e-mail, telephone, fax, and traditional mail. Most of my firm’s operations have shifted to a temporary home office, a five-minute commute from the firm’s commercial space. Many US immigration agencies have closed their offices, however,… Read More

E Visa Power Rankings

The existence of a treaty is the first requirement for obtaining an E visa. Below are the power rankings for E visa treaty countries based on duration of visa validity. The rankings are organized along the ROYGBV scale as follows: 60-month validity 48-month validity 24 to 36-month validity 12-month validity Less than 12-month validity 0-month validity (but still… Read More

Canadian E Visa Processing Changes – March 8, 2016

Changes to E Visa Processing for Canadian Traders and Investors On February 26, 2016, the United States Consulate General in Toronto announced changes to the procedures for obtaining E-1 Treaty Trader and E-2 Treaty Investor visa (read the full press release here). Beginning on March 1, 2016, registration of E-1 and E-2 enterprises will only… Read More