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Spencer McGrath-Agg is an experienced attorney helping clients with business and family immigration. He has worked with entrepreneurs to obtain U.S. work authorization for themselves and their employees in industries ranging from mineral exploration to film and entertainment. He has also guided engineers, executives, software developers, veterinarians, management consultants, performing artists, and other professionals through the immigration process to obtain United States work authorization.

Spencer has a proven track record of effectively responding to U.S. immigration agencies’ denials and requests for evidence alleging fraud, criminality, and immigration violations. Additionally, has has successfully assisted with long-pending immigration applications using tools such as expedite requests, inquiries through the USCIS Ombudsman, and requests for congressional assistance.

At U.S. ports of entry, Spencer has helped clients overcome inadmissibility, Nexus denials, and mitigating fines issued by the Fines, Penalties, and Forfeitures Office. He has counseled permanent residents with long absences from the United States on reducing the likelihood of abandoning their permanent residence, and obtaining re-entry permits.